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Solvent Based Penetrating Acrylic Sealer

TESCO Crystal Seal is formulated with acrydite resins which are extremely high in chemical resistance and also have an extreme hardness.  In fact, they are within four points of plate glass hardness.  TESCO Crystal Seal has a tack free drying time of 7 minutes; weight per gallon at 60 degrees F. 7.28 lbs.; total solids 14.80%.  The acrydite resins are non-yellowing; they are as transparent as water and are cut with a combination of hydrocarbon solvents which insure a good penetration into the surface.  The acrydite resins are extremely resistant to ultraviolet rays and over long periods of time will show absolutely no discoloration even under exposure to the sun on exterior application, regardless of colors in the matrix in either white or gray cement.

Crystal Seal Pal 


TESCO Crystal Seal does not apply a surface coating, but is a complete, highly penetrating process in which it penetrates the matrix, marble, tile or any masonry surface to insure a thorough and complete seal, making the surface impervious to stains of oils, greases, water, acids, or practically any type of common chemical discoloration.


Crystal Seal Gal 

TESCO Crystal Seal is the only clear resin sealer that permits a permanent exterior application without discoloration and will intensifies color and natural beauty of stone, terrazzo and masonry surfaces. TESCO Crystal Seal penetrates into pores and increases density and durability, keeping dirt and moisture on top of surface so that they are easily cleaned. Extremely resistant to ultraviolet rays and will not discolor or amber. Tests indicate that TESCO Crystal Seal has better anti-slip properties than most other sealers.  For this reason TESCO Crystal Seal has become one of the largest selling sealers for the flooring industry, including terrazzo, epoxy terrazzo, polyester terrazzo, magnesite, marble, slate, tile, brick, cement and concrete.


TESCO Crystal Seal is used in airports, colleges, malls, banks, aircraft hangars, warehouses and factories where a complete, dust proof, long-wearing surface is required.


TESCO Crystal Seal is the only clear resin sealer that permits a permanent exterior application without discoloration.


  1. Clean surface with TESCO Clean'Brite, rinse surface thoroughly and allow to dry completely. When renovating an old floor strip surface with TESCO Stripper and then wash surface with TESCO Clean'Brite, rinse surface thoroughly and allow to dry completely.

  2. Stir TESCO Crystal Seal well.

  3. Apply TESCO Crystal Seal to clean, dried area using a lambs wool applicator, natural brush or spray with low-pressure garden-type sprayer.  Mop or rollers are NOT recommended.

  4. TESCO Crystal Seal is a VERY quick drying seal.  Apply seal in one direction only.  Avoid overlapping. Do not go back over seal just applied as it will re-dissolve original seal, causing gumming or streaking.  Use dividing strip, grout joint, or edges and borders for overlap-joints where possible.

  5. Let TESCO Crystal Seal penetrate and dry thoroughly (normally 3-4 hours) before exposing to foot traffic.

  6. If a second coat is desired, it is best to allow first coat to dry for approximately 24 hours.

  7. Clean tools, applicators and spray equipment with TESCO Crystal Seal Reducer or Acetone.

COVERAGE:  250 to 300 square feet per gallon, depending on porosity of surface material.


WHAT TO WATCH FOR:     TESCO Crystal Seal is FLAMMABLE. Keep away from heat and open flame. Keep container closed. Stir thoroughly and apply only to completely dried surfaces. This product is not to be used where hydrostatic conditions are present. If applied to damp surface, seal will dry cloudy and may take from two to three weeks for cloudiness to disappear, if at all. Use with adequate ventilation and avoid prolonged breathing or skin contact.